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Freelance India is a smart group of Indian Freelancers specializing in Web Design/Development, search engine optimization (SEO), ppc management and other web services.

We claim to be India’s best Freelance Services provider because of our Quality and commitment is unmatched by others in the same industry. If you want to test our services then we would be happy to offer you a trial for 2 months. Please contact us to get more details.


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TOP 6 Reasons to choose Freelance India

  • Proven Results & Portfolio: Successfully delivering proven results in a broad range of web services.
  • Nothing beats Honesty: We work with you to identify and set achievable goals. If we don't think your goals are achievable, we will let you know before signing you as a client.
  • 24X7 Direct Access: You'll have direct access to experienced freelance designers, web developers and SEOs
  • All Around: We provide all around service from web design development to SEO.
  • Dedicated to Quality: We are passionate to deliver quality and take pride in our work
  • Keep you updated: Frequent analytics and reporting provided to keep you in touch with results and trends.



Best Freelance India

Internet has revolutionized our lives and has made almost every possible service or commodity just a click away from the users. Having made its effect felt in every possible sphere of life, Internet has also made looking for information much easier than it was in the earlier days. And making this search for information and content easier for website visitors are services like search engine optimization and freelancing. Freelance India is one such name in the field offering excellent and unparalleled search engine optimization as well as freelance services. Freelance India can proudly claim to be one of the country's best freelance offering company because of the excellent quality of service delivered by it till now. Apart from its service which can make customers vouch for it, Freelance India also promises unmatched commitment and dedication to its clients.

Having been in the field since quite some time, Freelance India has now become a name to reckon with. With some of the best freelance experts as part of its team, the company leaves no stone unturned in delivering freelance services which can make their client climb the popularity ladder in the internet. The quality of service offered by Freelance India can be judged by the offer the company makes to prospective customers of a trial for 2 months. Only a company which is sure of the quality of its services can take a step so challenging.


Diverse Range of Services

Freelance India offers a diverse range of services to its customers. Services ranging from search engine optimization to pay per click management to web design. The company hires some of the best freelance writers available to ensure there is no compromise in the quality of the service it delivers to its client. Freelance India has a number of success stories to its credit where it has helped websites achieve desired results with the help of search engine optimization, pay per click management or simple freelancing services. The company ensures its clients of a regular daily basis update about the work in hand and provides these clients with direct access to the expert freelance designers, web developers as well as SEOs.


Latest Techniques

Freelance India ensures it’s in trend with the latest techniques being used in the field of freelancing in order to deliver services which are the best in the market. One such innovative technique being put in use by Freelance India is the 60/30/10 technique. As its name suggests, this technique lays 60% stress on making the website more popular by methods like article submission, profile creation etc, 30% stress and effort on making the website completely SEO friendly and in fixing the SEO issues which might be related to the website and the remaining 10% effort in making the website more popular by connecting it to social media sites like facebook or twitter.

Freelance India can be one of the best destinations to go to for those who are looking for excellent freelancing services at rates that are affordable. The company ensures guaranteed results to its clients and hence is becoming more popular with every passing day. specializes in below freelance services:

1. Freelance SEO

2. Freelance Web Design

3. Freelance Development

4. Freelance PHP Development

Why Hire

We comply 60/30/10 technique for search engine rankings:

  • 60% efforts on Link popularity activities which includes Blog Postings, Article Submissions, One-way link building, Profile Creations, Social News etc.
  • 30% efforts on Making the website 100% SEO friendly, fixing website SEO issues, research high search volume keywords etc.
  • 10% efforts in linking the website to facebook, twitter etc and improve the website's social presence.

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Below are the SEO activities we specialize in:

1. Website On-Page Optimization.

2. Website Content Optimization

3. Website Internal Linking

4. Aggressive and Quality Link building

5. Social Media Optimization like Google+, Facebook & Twitter optimization

6. Various Offsite Submissions like Articles, Directories, Blogs etc

With the ongoing rush of websites to provide users with the best possible information in the best possible format, an increasing number of website owners are preferring to opt for freelance seo services along with freelance seo India services. One such stop for these website owners is freelance seo website which has become a name to reckon with in the field of search engine optimization and related services. The company has been in the field of seo services for quite some time now and has hence gained a fair share of clientele who vouch for the excellent quality of freelance seo services provided by Freelance SEO.

The company makes use of a judicious mix of innovative as well as time tested strategies to help a website reach the top position in search engine rankings. One of the popular techniques being put to use by us in our freelance seo services is the 60/30/10 technique for search engines. In this particular technique, 60% of efforts of the company are directed towards activities that can make the website more popular. These activities include blog postings, article submissions, one-way link building, profile creations, social news and many more. Another 30% efforts are put in making the website more user friendly or rather making the website entirely user friendly. This is achieved by us by fixing website SEO issues and researching about high search volume keywords among other steps. The remaining 10% efforts are put in making the website linked to social networking websites like face book, twitter etc. This is done in order to make the website become more visible and attract more traffic.



Quality Freelance SEO Services in India

A quality freelance seo service can make a website reach the top of search engine rankings and do wonders to its online visibility. And one such name which has been known for its quality seo services is Freelance seo which has been considered responsible for the success a number of websites. Freelance seo India has an extremely dedicated and skilled set of freelance writers who pay attention to even the minutest details of their client requirements and then plan their work accordingly. This results in extremely customer centric freelance seo services. Because of the high quality of the freelance seo services provided by us at Freelance SEO, we have a large number of loyal customers who keep coming back to us for more seo and related services.

Some of the search engine optimization services that we, at Freelance seo India specialize in are website on page optimization, website content optimization, website internal linking, aggressive and quality link building, optimization of social media like Google, Facebook, Twitter etc and a number of offsite submissions like articles, directories, blogs etc. Freelance seo India provides its clients with extremely dedicated freelance seo services that are tailored to meet their demands and requirements and hence the rave reviews received by the company for their work.

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