Social media baron Facebook is all set to launch yet another feature soon. This time around, the new feature is being added to the search option with the name ‘Graph Search’. This new feature will enable Facebook users to look for information about those who are in their social circles. The information to be looked for can vary from friends who in a particular city are vegetarian in nature to those acquaintances or friends of friends who are out on some adventure trip.

The move is aimed at helping Facebook users to avoid any bad surprises. As per Nick Jackson Colaco, the privacy and safety manager of Facebook, this particular tool of Graph Search is on a completely different line when compared to the previous Facebook features and is aiming to gather information in a more ‘indexed’ manner.

Though the new feature had already been introduced to a small fraction of Facebook users in January, the company plans to launch the feature now to all those members of its huge user base who have set their language as US English, Fox News reports. The company plans to notify its users that now they will find it easier to look for information that they have shared with their friends on Facebook in addition to modifying their privacy settings.

Source: Google