In what can be termed as a dampener to Google’s attempt to obtain the http://search domain name, a number of committees that are affiliated with the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) have recently issued a warning that dotless domain names can pose risk to the Internet. Google has shown active interest in the dotless “http://search” domain in a letter addressed to the ICANN board in April. The company requested in its letter for permission to expand its application for “.search” to run generic top-level domain in the form of a dotless domain. This will allow a consistent query interface across a google-s-chances-of-obtaining-the-dotless-domain-takes-a-downward-leapnumber of firms which are in the business of providing search functionality. As per Google, this would also help users to conduct searches with more ease with firms that provide the search functionality designated as their preference.

The Internet Engineering Task Force issued an advisory recently about dotless domains saying how application protocols may have trouble processing these dotless domains. In fact, just a few days back, the Internet Architecture Board too had issued a series of warnings about dotless domain names.

Google had its eyes set on the dotless domain for quite sometime now and this piece of news must have definitely lowered its hope of obtaining the http://search domain.



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