Among the latest debates taking place related to Ramadan and the dos and don’ts to be done during the holy month of Ramadan, the latest is the debate over the use of social networking site Facebook. While Muslims across the globe are abstaining from eating or indulging in any sort of distrramadan-gives-rise-to-debate-over-facebook-usageacting activities, few of the Muslims have sparked a debate on whether to use or not use Facebook during this holy month. In the words of those who are abstaining from indulgence of any form in this holy month, they want to spend these 30 days by reading Koran or reflecting on this holy month with friends and family rather than tweeting or posting or making status updates.

However, there are conflicting reports too regarding the use of social media like Facebook during Ramadan. In fact, despite the news about abstaining, there have been reports that have pointed to a greater use of social media during Ramadan. Though there are no such guidelines in Islam related to abstaining from social networking during Ramadan or any other time, yet few of the followers of Islam have decided to spend the month on self introspection and refection on their spiritual status rather than spending the same time on social networking.

The social networking site Facebook has also served as a medium for spreading news and message about the holy month of Ramadan by some of the devouts which might have accounted for the increased usage of the social networking site.

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