Flickr has been a much popular terrain of Yahoo! without much objections from users but recently , the website which has made a name for itself in photo sharing, has earned the wrath of many users. This was triggered because of a new feature which Flickr added to its pages in the form of a pale Yahoo menu bar right above the dark Flickr menu bar on the screen. The new addition has made several users of Flickr disgruntled who are of the opinion that the new menu bar not only takes up valuable real estate when users are trying to access or view their Flickr accounts and photos but also acts as a detractor because of the ugly pop-ups which are of little interest to users.

Yahoo adds new menu bar in Flickr, users annoyedThe move of adding the new menu bar has been perceived as desperation from Yahoo!’s end. Though Yahoo defends the move as an attempt to help users give the feeling of photos and being unbounded and make the whole experience of visiting Yahoo! Pages seamless, the overall response from users of Flickr has been far from positive or encouraging.

The company had conducted a feedback sometime in April when testing a Yahoo! Navigation bar on Flickr. The results were nothing short of a scandal from the part of Yahoo! as per the users but yet, the company went ahead with its decision of implementing the change. The users have gone so far as to suggest change in the color combinations of the menu bar, like white text on gray background,  in order to better the situation but of no avail till now.

This move from Yahoo! is being viewed as the company as a means to get wider audience while audience on the other hand, have not received the change positively. Only time will tell now the end result of this move on the part of Flickr.



Source: Cnet